Eating is a Necessity but Cooking is an Art

My Story

Hey……. Hello!

I’m Shaheen Ghazala, a chef with a burning desire to make wholesome, hearty and delicious food. I believed in myself and beloved “Maa” (Mother) and here I am today, a chef by my own learning new things, new recipes and cuisines; building myself never limiting to any limit. I cook Indian, Continental, North Indian, Mughlai and so much more. Cooking is my one true love and filling people’s stomach with yummy, substantial food and bringing smile on their faces is my dream.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Why I ‘m here because this place belongs to one of my passion. I just love cooking, eating and taking pictures of food. I am very foodie. I love to play with spices the smell of spices when it cook it make me hundred time fall in love with them again and again, I love the colors of vegetables there are so many different kind of colorful vegetables which we eat and I can even watch them.

I never get bored or tired while cooking but only the cooking part, I’m talking about washing utensils not because I don’t like this job but sometimes we can’t ignore have to do anyways jokes apart basically. I’m double master in geography, grown up in Kolkata also called as City of Joy and love teaching too, but cooking is my passion this is something which is in me from my childhood.

In my childhood I use stuck like glue to my mother in the kitchen watching her cooking and learns. Sometime my mum used to teach me mathematics lessons also while making Roti or Puri by counting the dough and I enjoyed that method a lot. I remember since I was maybe 4 or 5-year-old I climb on a chair and stand right beside her while she cooks dishes of different cuisine the smell of fried butter garlic or colorful mixed veggies salad topped with special peppery dressing made by mouthwatering. I used to help her in the kitchen sometime, mostly I used to help her in preparation of Aloo Bharta (potato puree) my job was potato mashing while I did nothing she would tell me that I could be or do anything I want all I had to do work hard until I reach my goal.

I remember also when nobody was in my home I found myself alone, I quickly go to kitchen and started cooking, without wondering that I don’t know anything. My very first dish was Puri because Puri is one of my favorite dish , it’s very funny but my mom and my sister says that in my childhood I use to dream for Puri, my second initial start in cooking is “KHEER” this dish is always near to my heart, I remember when my Mum used to cook kheer with  (Gobindobhoog Rice) and the aroma is like sending me in heaven. Day’s passes and my experiment in kitchen also pass by giving me positive and tasty results. I don’t like to copy other recipes I love to do my experiments in kitchen this makes me happy; I can spend hours and hours in cooking. While cooking I’m also concern for health part too because of this reason I have invented so, many different healthy and tasty recipes, mostly I cook baked stuff because of my nieces, they love bake items like cake; brownie; pizza; doughnuts; cookies; cheese stuffed bread, this kind of dishes are favorite for them and I love to cook for them. My favorite dish is Kolkata Special Biriyani and Pizza, I can never say no to biriyani or pizza.

I hope you will also enjoy the recipes. I have tried to keep my recipes simple and easy, if you have any suggestion so, please write me, it will be honored for me.


Thank you to knowing me more, Good luck have a Great day.

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